i have several thousand tumblr followers someone sponsor me for pomade commercials #haircut #gpoy


Please enjoy this interview from ArtisanNews. “I thought this was shower time with The Protomen!”

@marquis-de-sadist dont talk to me abt simon i will Cry

i made kendra start watching misfits and now shes in too deep and ships nathan and simon
[chanting] ONE OF US ONE OF US


I’m trash I’m garbage I’m gay trash I don’t care

hes thinkign about simons HUGE COCK


this is my favourite vine tbh


if i were a bird

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AJJ were amaze 10/10 a+ go see them live if u can because they sound 5000x better than they do on any album and theyre also funny as hell
im gonna go fall asleep

nicrosil WAH i just saw ur reply to my post earlier… thank u so much i am glad we are friends